Some of us like-minded people scattered in different parts of the world including Bangladesh feel a sense of responsibility towards this society where we have our roots. It is from such thoughts that we try to do something for deprived people. From last few years We worked to provide food help to the flood affected Haor area, to build houses in a Marma village in the hills tracts, and to provide medical assistance to the freedom fighters and Biranganas (tortured women in the liberation war).

We have no formal organizational structure; rather we are like a family.

We are trying to be a little breath of air for the people who are suffering.


Support Stories

A shop for Martyred Freedom Fighter's son

Abul Kashem, a heroic freedom fighter, was martyred at Tahirpur in Sunamganj during the war of liberation. His family lives a destitute life in the Kalipur village of Jamalganj. We recently arranged a grocery shop for his son.

Medical Support for Birangana Kulsum Bibi

Kulsum Bibi, A Birangana (tortured in the war of liberation) of Perua village in Dirai Upazila of Sunamganj was suffering from various physical complications due to aging. We brought her to Sylhet for medical treatment. At our request, the authorities of Ragib Rabeya Medical College and Hospital arranged her treatment free of cost.

Tube well arrangement for Birangana Jamila Begum

Jamila Begum, a Birangana (tortured in the liberation war) village of Daulatpur in Shalla, Sunamganj, did not have access to clean drinking water. She had to fetch water from a faraway place. We talked to the government authorities and arranged for a tube well in her yard.

Addition of prosthetic leg of war-wounded Abdur Rahman

During the liberation war in 1971, Abdur Rahman of Sunamganj lost his leg in a mine blast. Then for 49 years he was depending on sticks. In January 2021, at our initiative, the CRP (Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed) had his prosthesis implanted in Savar. After almost 50 years, Abdur Rahman is now walking on two legs.

Children's clothing aid in Haor

During the rainy season of 2019, Haoranchal was again flooded. In August this year, we provided new clothes to more than 500 children in several villages in Haor. Telemedicine service started in the village of Haor

Hijla is a village of impoverished fishermen between Halir Haor and Shanir Haor. In this village, we launched Ankur Foundation's 'Response Telemedicine' system in November 2020. Villagers are getting counseling and prescriptions from city doctors using mobile phones.

Distribution of winter clothes to children in Haor village We distributed winter clothes to 60 children of Hijla village in December 2020.

Medical assistance to a teenager with cancer

In 2018 we provided medical assistance to a poor teenager with cancer in Sunamganj.

Medicine support to flood affected Tarapasha, Moulovibazar

During monsoon in 2018, Tarapasha of Rajnogor upzilla of Moulovibazar District was badly affected by flash flood. Hunderds people took shelter in School building, A medical camp was set up to aid them. We provided good number of medicine to help the camp.

Distribution of winter clothes in Marma Para

In December this year, through the administration of Thanchi Upazila, we delivered winter clothes and blankets to the people of Marma Para.

Food assistance in Marma Para

While building the house, we came to know that their food grains and cash were also burnt in the fire. They have been in a state of despair for several months.

In September we deliver 100 manns of rice here to make sure they don't have food problems until the next harvest.

Construction of housing in the remote Marma Para in Thanchi, Bandarban

In the remote Aung Thoai Pru Para of Tindu Union in Thanchi Upazila of Bandarban, there are 29 houses of marma families. In early 2017, 20 of their houses caught fire. In the remaining nine houses, all of them were living an inhuman life. We have taken the initiative as this news reaches us. In July, we built them 20 completely new houses with tin, bamboo and wood.

Food assistance in border areas

Due to the untimely floods of 2017, the poor people of Chhatak Upazila of Sunamganj also faced a food crisis. We took part in organizing food assistance to about 500 families there too.

Arrangements for the employment of women in Haoranchal

In order to enable women in the flood-hit Haor area to become financially viable, some women from Jamalganj Upazila were brought to Sylhet for two weeks and trained in garment making, sewing and design and were given eight sewing machines.

Food assistance to flood-affected areas

In April 2017, due to untimely floods, huge crop losses occurred in Haoranchal. Farmers could not bring home their food crops, which led to food shortages. In some villages of Halir Haor and Shanir Haor in Sunamganj, we distributed food aid to 1000 families in two phases.

Medical support to the father of the martyred freedom fighter

Abdul Bari Khan, a martyred freedom fighter from Gafargaon in Mymensingh, was paralyzed for a long time without treatment. We brought him to Mymensingh and arranged for his treatment under a specialist’s supervision and provided medical assistance for three years. We also provided him a wheelchair.

Medical assistance to marginal freedom fighters

Some freedom fighters from Jamalganj and Tahirpur Upazilas inhabited by haors of Sunamganj district were deprived of medical services. We brought them to Sylhet.

Under the supervision of Dr Manzoor Ahmed, they were diagnosed and given proper treatment and for a long time they were provided with necessary medicines. One of them, Sikandar Mia, died two years ago, the rest are still alive.

Medical support to war wounded Brajendra Das

Perua village of Dirai police station in Sunamganj district.

On 4 December 1971, the Pakistan Army's Auxiliary Force Razakars surrounded the village and tied up men and women and brought them to Shyamar Char Bazar. They raped women and shot men in lines along the river. 29 people were killed. Some were injured and survived. One of them is Brajendra Das. He was shot in the abdomen and later floated in the water. His wife Pramila Das was raped. Brajendra Das carried the bullet in his stomach for 45 years. Extremely poor Brajendra could not afford surgery and get the shell out of the stomach, so he lived miserably for many years.

In 2016, we brought Brajendra Das and Pramila Das to Sylhet. Dr Manzoor Ahmed Sajib operated and got the bullet out of his stomach after 45 years. Pramila Das also got medical treatments. In addition, we provided cash aid to the couple so that they can cultivate some land on their own. Brajendra Das and Pramila Das are well now.

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